IN JUST ONE DAY We will give any room in your home a revitalized look and feeling using your existing furnishing and accessories or ours. The is no need to buy anything!

A home redesign and real-estate staging company

  1. Staging creates a visual experience and a theme of emotional warmth that will appeal to the largest number of potential buyers and help them see the home's potential
  2. Staging highlights a home's positive features and minimizes any confusing or problem areas.
  3. A home is made to look warm and inviting so it stands out from the rest of the homes on the market.
  4. It creates a positive first impression... you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!
  5. A staged home will stand out from other properties in the same price range.
  6. It helps obtain the best possible selling price. A well presented property is often perceived as being a well maintained property ans buyers are less likely to discount their offer for repairs and improvements.
  7. It can work in ALL economic environments... homes tend to sell faster in a slow market and sell for more money in an active real estate market.
  8. Staging is a dynamic marketing tool for sellers and agents.
  9. Cost effective: Existing furnishing can be used without having to purchase new things.
  10. In most cases, staging can be accomplished within a day.