Interior Redesign
Working with what you already have, I can transform your home or office form ordinary to extraordinary using your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories. No need to purchase anything new. It does not matter if your furnishings are old or new, whether you have a little or a lot, one style or many mixes of styles. A redesigned room will reflect your personality, the space will be more inviting, and functional and consequently will be used more. What a great alternative to an interior design.

I can provide decorating suggestions, or make the changes to your home, to help create the balance, harmony and function to your space, using what you already own. Whether you've lived in your home for some time, and looking to fall in love with it again, or if you have just moved, I can provide a new look to impact your space.

Real Estate Staging
Includes home editing, organizing and rearranging of furnishing, artwork, and accessories to highlight the architectural details of the home. Potential buyers will focus on the space, they will visualize themselves in the space, not the current owner. A staged property will create the best first impression, stand out from others in the same price range, for the best possible selling price.

Staging Consultation
A staged consultation usually takes 1 to 1 ½ hours where I spend time explaining what changes might need to take place to help your home show it's best. I nearly always help make a major change in a room, such as living area furniture, so that you might get that home listed as soon as possible. I am not in your home to judge your belongings, but to creatively suggest better ways to show your home with what you have. A full written report is provided to both the seller and the agent.

image Vacant Staging
Vacant homes can be staged with leased furniture. I will do a preview to assess the necessary furnishings, and give a quote to lease the furniture through one of my service providers and provide a quote for the one time Staging fee involved and give a quote to lease the furniture from my self or through one of my service providers

Previews are done for both Interior Redesign and Real Estate Staging. A preview of your home is done at no cost, takes about 20 minutes. The purpose of the preview is to assess the property and complete a proposal for the project. I will determine the length of time the project will take and whteher the home owner needs to complete anything before I arrive.

Consultations are typically for the “do-it-yourselfer” who is looking for some guidance and direction before beginning a project, or possibly they just need a fresh perspective on their space. A detailed report is also provided.

I can help define a source of color inspiration for your home.

A can assist you with placement of acce3ssories, whether it is your bookshelf, mantle, coffee table curio cabinets, or your dining table. I can also assist you with purchases if you find it necessary.